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Heidi Little is a 25 year progressive curriculum designer and educator. Three countries in public school, private schools, free schools, home schools, no school, theater, creativity camps, workshops/events, open space and privately. Heidi is the Co founder/Director of International Children's Month, International Children.World, and The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning. Her specialties are Advanced Social Emotional Learning techniques, for individuals, families, communities and internationally. As well as music, theater, peace, water, unity, medicine wheels, meditation, breath work, voice, performance, empowerment, dance and embodiment practices and consciousness. Heidi's personal website where her International award winning music and books are housed is her catch phrases are One Love Rising and Here We Grow!



Quantum Mystic & Conscious Marketer

Alana is a web & marketing *ninja* with over 15 years professional experience working for a higher learning institute, nonprofit foundations, and alternative health doctors and practitioners. She has been dubbed the 'website whisperer' by a former client and is VERY selective in who she aligns with and supports using her highly valued skill set. Alana is also a Quantum Mystic that assists others through a variety of energy healing modalities. She specializes in helping her clients achieve deep internal transformation through ancestral shadow work & overcoming limiting beliefs. Her approach is to operate in UNCONDITIONAL Love in every aspect of her life and to use her spiritual gifts to help others turn their trauma into triumph.

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The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning is a movement dedicated to providing humanity what is not being offered. Through the most progressive, and conscious educators dedicated to raising the bar of love, care and respect for ourselves and all children, youth and adults off all ages) of earth. Co creating a progressive, enriched education experiences, embodiment practices, tools and techniques. Foundationalizing a brighter future for all. Founded in 2018, we have supported and developed progressive, conscious classes, webinars, online panels, workshops and events on the local, national and global levels for decades. We strive to deliver the best Social Emotional Learning Classes, Workshops and Events the world over. 

You may utilize our 8 years of free, 365 day a year, thematic, empowerment activities through you’ll find thematic activities, events, practices, tools, and enthusiastic youth humanitarian and environmental activists, panels, videos, platforms, and humanity from all backgrounds and ages. What brings us together is our dedication toward our common goals. 

As educators we stand accountable, to up as our best and to educate and empower others to know, understand and develop self, to connect to passion, purpose and progress, to take action in whatever ways they feel called. Building relationships. Supporting mental, emotional and spiritual health. We work to ensure that our voices are heard for generations to come.

Are you an educator with a developed and top notch class/workshop/or certifiation? Email Heidi Little ~ Director at 

Students? You know what to do! Enjoy your new classes! 


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