Inspired by 25 years as a Social Emotional Learning curriculum designer and educator, International Award winning vocalist/songwriter and performance artist: Heidi Little, M. ED created The Center for Advancement in SEL, www.SELAdvancement.org to provide educators, heath care professionals, humanitarians,  students, parents, children and youth a partner platform and progressive choices for classes and curriculum that supports social emotional learning, mindfulness,  body, mind, spirit and soul connection, for each unique person. After 9 years as the Co founder/Director of International Children's Month which has now become InternationalChildren.World 

Accredited teachers/mentors/guides are ready to explore, and journey into the enrichment areas of learning and growth with you. 

Welcome to safe and brave space.



Here you will find the best teachers/educators on the Globe. With the freshest most empowering content. As we provide the foundational  curriculum to restore, cultivate, inspire and uplift humanity. Getting us ready and equipped to face this new world, as balanced, resilient, joyful, and creative individuals as part of the evolution of humanity.  The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning began it's journey in 2013, members decided to organize and make an impact through International Children's Month. Pretty quickly, this singular moment evolved into a full-fledged movement. Our Education Movement runs parallel with the existing International systems/models and can be integrated, and partnered easily. Our main focus is education that serves each person. To nurture, to be in right relationship with self, family, community and the world.

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